When Psychic Attack Hits Home

It was a normal morning at home. I was reading a book about Proto-Indo-Europeans while my dogs slept on the couch next to me, and my husband was off at our local metaphysical store, trading a psychic reading with an astrologer.

Admittedly, our “normal” is not really prime-time normal.

I looked up from what I was doing, and I saw my husband walking toward the house from his car with a horrible expression on his face. Agony, perhaps? Pain? He came in and I asked him what was wrong.

“Migraine. A terrible migraine.”

I ushered him to the bedroom, got him a rag for his head, and helped him lay down to try to sleep off the pain. He was out for almost an hour an a half, which is quite unusual for him, even in a situation like this.

When he rose, he told me that he believed that something was “on him,” but he didn’t really know what that meant. While he slept, he had a rather disturbing dream; one that woke him up with a fright. In meditation early that morning his guide said to be aware of someone or something coming after him. He didn’t know what to make of that message when it was given to him, but he was reminded of it now as we stood in the kitchen, his head still throbbing despite the nap.

“I’m thinking this might be… and I don’t really believe in this… psychic attack.”

My husband is a gifted channel and psychic reader, but he is also a very logical, skeptical thinker. It is common for him to encounter some widely accepted phenomena in the New Age world and have an immediate suspicion that it’s “just made up.” He also understands that psychic work is a balance of intuition and imagination, so one might say that what he does is also “just made up.” Nonetheless, he finds cause to question.

I think this kind of questioning is good among psychic folk and magick workers. We have to be observant of what our experience tells us, and if there is not yet an experience to inform what we know we are well served to be inquisitive. Blind acceptance leads to wishy-washiness, I think, and unreliable results.

But here we were, trying to sort through the cause of this unexpected pain, and psychic attack seemed to make the most sense. Neither of us had dealt with this before, but I, for one, was willing to accept that this was the cause and start searching for a remedy.

(Incidentally, if there is ever desire for proof that I possess a deep, ancient, earthy magic inside of me — something that my grandma has, and my mother as well — all you need to do is mess with someone I love. I guarantee you — you’ll feel it.)

I urged my husband to reach out to a fellow psychic and colleague of his, and while he did I called upon my Patron for Her aid in this matter. As I said, I don’t have experience at dealing with this type of situation, and I’m not completely sure what my beliefs are on the subject, either. So, it seemed best to place the whole thing at the feet of a Goddess.

My husband’s colleague confirmed his suspicion. It was, indeed, psychic attack. We went back to the metaphysical shop and reached out for help from our friend and in-house herb-worker, who made him a scrub and gave him a mantra to chant. We headed home, and by that time he was beginning to feel a little better. I, on the other hand, felt like my belly was on fire.

Something seems to have shifted now. His pain is gone, and there isn’t the sense of something heavy on him like there was before. I was able to work off the rest of my defensive anger at the gym before I did anything rash. It appears that the attack has passed.

Now, I’m left with questions.

What do you think psychic attack is? Do you understand it to be some form of malevolent magick, or do you think the whole idea is hogwash?

Have you ever been in a situation where psychic attack seemed like the obvious cause for a malady? Was your suspicion proven or disproven?

Even having had this experience, I feel the subject is worth some further exploration, and I’d love to know what you think and what similar (or vastly different) experiences you might have had.





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  1. Jason Ash Avatar
    Jason Ash

    I’m a bit late to the party, but this is an interesting conversation. Like others have said, the general remedy for this kind of thing is spiritual cleansing and putting up spiritual protections. 

    I just want to offer that I think that spiritual cleansing is important personal practice, but it has evolved for me into a centering practice, where I let go of things that don’t serve. Putting up protections related (to me at least) to more about setting boundaries and blessing than about fear of attack per se. 

    One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that many pagans really worry about whether their symptoms are psychic attack or not. Myself, I have only felt that way twice. I employed the cleansing and protection work as spiritual practice and felt better. I don’t know if I was actually attacked or not.  I do know that employing these practices helped me feel better and that was enough for me. 

  2. Diana Rajchel Avatar

    To me, the concept of psychic attack is a “well, yes, it happens!” perspective. The same ranges of behavior, risk and reward that happens in what we view as the physical realm exist in the metaphysical realm/energetic realm, too. I could get mugged leaving my favorite restaurant (and I almost did recently) but typically, that won’t happen. I suspect that if we’re more honest with ourselves about the existence of curses and psychic attacks, we’ll be able to draw logical conclusions about how and why it happens – criminal pathology is pretty much the same, regardless of the methods used, whether it’s a gun or a candle.

  3. Vincenza Maria Volpe-Carter Avatar

    As some one who grew up around a belief in Mal’occhio, that is, the Evil Eye, I’ve seen psychic attack first hand. I’m not sure what it is exactly; I tend to think that is negative energy stemming from envy or anger, that is so powerful it can, even without intention, be directed at the object of the anger. We all pretty much agree that positive energy can be shared, so I don’t understand what the problem is about negative energy being shared as well. For me it is about energy; for my Sicilian father it was about evil. As you say, question everything and I think there is a rational explanation for why it happens, but happens it does. 

  4. Mailmarkferrie Avatar

    Fascinating post, whatever it was I am glad your husband feels recovered.

    If psychic attack does exist I guess We need to think about the source. As I see it there is:
    – malevolent attack intending harm through exersion of will
    – unintended attack through negative thoughts or energy, not pre-meditated just someone sending out power they don’t know they have
    – malevolent attack by a spiritual being
    – apparent attack from a spiritual being but maybe just a warning off
    – apparent attack by a spiritual being but really just caused by the beings proximity and high energy……followed by brain melt
    – self attack by accident, somehow releasing negative energy and inverting it

    There might be more possibilities, but I think you should take comfort in the idea that it could happen without any malevolence or intention of harm. Could be he just came close to some BIG energy, positive or negative and had mind blown. Its hard to imagine someone or something wanting to harm you – you seem so nice.

  5. John Beckett Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this, Teo.  It’s been very thought-provoking:  the comments are exceptionally good, and it provided inspiration for my own blog post.  http://johnfranc.blogspot.com/2012/03/psychic-attacks.html

    Psychic attacks are very real, but in my experience they’re rarely intentional… or at least, rarely an intentional misuse of magic.  Keeping your house clean and warded helps, as does shielding and other protective magic.  And then there are times when you have to take more aggressive measures.

    Most of the time, though, a strong spiritual practice will help you identify psychic attacks and minimize their impact.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thank you for the comment, John, and for sharing you post. I found it to be very thorough and well laid out. I’m honored to know that my work inspired you!

      What you wrote about developing a strong spiritual practice really resonated with me. I was reading the post to my husband and I stopped at that line. It really hit home.

      Again, thank you.

  6. Kilmrnock Avatar

    I personaly have been hit as has my wife . We both were in a coven that ended badly , broke up actually . My wife is a quite powerful , strong eclectic witch . While i was still finding my way , we both joined a just forming eclectic  coven . In trying to control and isolated my wife , the head Priestess tried to break up our marriage. Oddly one , a handfsting , she had performed . I was victumised by all sorts of crap , trying to break us up. My wife was able to block all the negative stuff the  errant priestess tried to throw at us .Even after the break up and we had left , my wife commented she felt and fended off attacks against her. This bitch wouldn’t give up.But as they say ….” that which dosn’t kill you , makes you stronger “.In this case that has rung quite true.My wife proved to be stronger , more powerful than her. We survived it , doing well now .    Kilm

  7. Chris Godwin Avatar

    Thanks teo, another great read.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thanks, Chris. Glad to have your support!

  8. Thelettuceman Avatar

    At it’s most fundamental level, if you believe in the adage that “Energy follows intent” then any kind of energy working could be utilized to cause the issue.  There’s a lot of talk about prayer warfare as a large component part of certain Evangelical groups, and malefic magic being worked by people with unscrupulous morals.

    If one believes that energy follows intent, like many spell workers do, then it would be silly to outright dismiss the idea that a person or persons could not utilize this energy for harm.  Just as people do spell work or pray for boons and support, our emotions and negative desires can manifest.  I think it’s not as common as people like to make it out to be, and that it takes a lot of effort on the part of an individual or group in order to happen,and is not nearly as Hollywood as people would like to think it to be.

    I personally believe in the concept of attacks like this.  I take precautions when I’m dealing with stressful events, like other posters have said.  I’m actually so well-warded innately (I have very strong defensive measures) that it becomes an issue for me to “let go”.  Energy work on me sort of hits off like a breakwater, good and bad.  It makes reiki healing hard.

    Skepticism is healthy.  I wholly support it.  It allows us to take a balanced look at something without leaping in to a potentially dangerous situation.  But I think a denial of the possibility of a long-distance psychic attack as an outright possibility is something of a danger.  I’ve never been one to accept that out-right denial protects you in any respect.  I would rather be prepared for an eventuality that never comes than be caught by surprise and forced to deal with it unprepared.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Hello, Lettuce Man — so glad you joined the dialogue!

      I think you’ve laid this out very clearly, and it makes a lot of sense. I am a believer that “energy follows intent,” so much so that I sprung into action once I sensed that there was ill-intent; it felt almost involuntary. Something in me recognized it, and then sought out a way to deal.

      I recognize what you describe about your strong defenses; there are people close to me who have similar challenges with letting go. If you don’t mind me asking, is this something that you are actively working with? Do you find that, as someone who is aware of the subtitles of energy movement, that you are in a dialogue about how to become more open?

      Again, thank you for being here. Blessings to you.

  9.  Avatar

    Teo – 

    My checklist from having been ‘under attack’:

    1.  Ground it out.  Go take a bath, let that negative energy wash away.  Light candles, put up wards around the bathroom, and wash it off, let it ground out.

    2.  Check your wards.  I mark the entrances to my house (doors AND windows) with salt, sage, skullcap, cayenne (to give it some bite!) and oil.  I do this about once a year, but I will re-mark when necessary.

    3.  Make a spirit-weir.   There are a couple of different kinds, but the easiest one is this – take two mirrors, the same size, and on one of them paint a pentacle or other binding sigil.  Put them face to face about 2 to 6 inches apart.  Leave it somewhere near where either you spend a lot of time or where the attack occurred.   After about a week, push the mirrors together (try not to turn them, it can let critters out if you aren’t careful), and either tie them together (to get rid of something permanently) or open it somewhere not near you (the ‘catch and release’ method).

    4.  Seconding what Themon says: watch your mental hygiene!  Keep your shields active if necessary.  Instill a talisman with protective energy, and keep it with you – these have aided me more often than I can recall.

    1.  Avatar

      Teo –

      Other thoughts – You mentioned that you were unfamiliar with ‘wards’ & ‘shields’. 

      I use the term ‘wards’ for any stationary defensive magics – they are either permanent or transient, and can either be passive or reactive.  Passive wards generally discourage the less-serious threats.  They are akin to closing your door, instead of leaving it open.   Reactive wards are like having a watchdog – something might get through, but they aren’t going to enjoy it.

      Shields, on the other hand, are defensive magics attached to items or people.  They go wherever you need them (as long as you remember to bring them with you!)  Shields are generally more energy-intensive, and also do not generally last as long as wards do.   Shields include things such as a mentally constructed ‘helmet’, or carrying a talisman that has been imbued/etched/painted with defensive sigils/religious marks/etc.  A common tactic is to imbue one’s pentacle or necklace with a shield.

      One thing to consider with talismans:  Form and Function are related!  Things that are designed to keep you safe/clean/dry/whatever, or are based off of things that are, are generally better suited to keeping the magic imbued in them longer, and with more efficacy.  For example, for a very long time I used necklaces as shield talismans – however, they kept breaking as they were used (not the chain, the sigil).  So I moved to rings – those would break as well as they were used up.  So now, my primary defensive sigil is inscribed in the quillion/cross guard of my pocket-knife.  It is something designed to keep me safe, and it works quite well (that I use my pocket-knife as an athame as well doesn’t hurt).

      1. Teo Bishop Avatar

        Thanks for the clarification, Eran.

        I’m unsure of how much I would feel comfortable investing in the practice of preparing or charging shields, or keeping conscious of how “used up” they might be. There’s a way in which I wonder if by doing so we content to a spiritual world in which we always might be close-to-under attack. That may be an extreme way of looking at this, and it may be different for you. But, that’s where my mind goes.

        When you’re preparing something like a shield, be that in a physical or mentally constructed object, is it because you feel that attack might be just around the corner, or is it just more preventative; a kind of “spiritual oil change,” if you will? By that I mean, is it a part of a regular spiritual maintenance for you?

        1. Eran Rathan Avatar
          Eran Rathan

          Teo – 

          Yes, it is part of my usual spell-work, but I tend to see it as preventative – much in the same manner as making sure your brakes work and your seatbelt is buckled.  I’ll freely admit that I can be occasionally paranoid, my father was a SERE instructor in the military.  Also, I spent a LOT of time in the Boy Scouts, and the Boy Scout Motto is “Be Prepared.”  It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t take a lot of time, and can really help lower stress levels in the house.

    2. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Hi Eran — thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad to see you back.

      This is fascinating. I’ve never read about making a “spirit-weir” before. Is this a part of a folk magick tradition? Wicca? Please tell me if you know where this originated.

      It introduces some interesting ideas about the nature of the problem. When you say, “try not to turn then, it can let critters out…” I get the impression that you are approaching this situation with the idea in mind that you are trying to imprison something; that the nature of the problem is actually some sort of tangible entity. Is that a fair characterization? If so, could you unpack that a little further? I’d like to know how you invasion this sort of thing playing out.

      1. Eran Rathan Avatar
        Eran Rathan

        Teo –

        I have no idea where it originated, my grandmother taught myself & my sisters to make it.  Always works though 🙂

        My impression is that evil thoughts and desires, whether directed by someone with magical talent or not, can form a gestalt, a thought-form, which can then take on a semblance of ‘life’ as a non-material entity.  Call them ‘demons’, ‘devils’, ‘evil spirits’, ‘bad vibes’, ‘tulpas’, whatever – it is a pattern of energy that we want or need to get rid of.  A spirit-weir can trap that pattern into a holding loop, where it can be safely disposed of or removed.

  10. Ian Phanes Avatar

    The language “psychic attack” is of relatively recent coinage.  The traditional language in most cultures of Europe and western Asia is “the evil eye.”  That language acknowledges that it comes from the negativity of an individual, but avoids attributing intentionality–or non-intentionality, for that matter.

    Malevolent magic is a whole other kettle of fish, and extremely rare, in my experience.  After all, you need an experienced magical practitioner who is willing to put a bunch of effort into attacking someone.  Most experienced practitioners have much better things to do with our time and energy than waste it on attacking  someone–which doesn’t benefit us at all.

    The evil eye/psychic attack is much easier to deal with than magical attack.  In many cases, purification is sufficient.  In some cases, reversing magic is appropriate–though I would consult a competent diviner first.   Actually, I would suggest consulting a competent diviner anytime you run into something negative that simple purification doesn’t clear up.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      You bring up great points, Ian. Thank you for sharing your comment. We do seem to have lost the distinction between “psychic attack” and “the evil eye.” I wonder if the latter falls out of favor on account of the E-word. Among New Agers, I’ve experienced, there’s an unwillingness to accept the concept, let alone embrace the word as a part of a belief system.

      Good advice about contacting a diviner, too. I love that we talk of diviners with the same familiarity as one would their GP (“Be sure to visit your doctor if that rash doesn’t clear up”). Something about that feels very right to me. 🙂

  11. esc Avatar

    i’m interested to know more about the person from whom you believe this came (although that probably sounds very nosy and is none of my business).  you described her as a “hard line moralist” and is this because ya’ll learned she had objections to paganism and/or being gay that wasn’t obvious beforehand?  most of my psychic issues (i believe) stem from from my family members who are very conservative xian and use prayer as a weapon against my religious beliefs and my sexual orientation.  so perhaps this person has fired up a prayer chain with your husband on the top of the list?  just a thought.  i know that encounters with such folk can definitely stir up emotional disturbances within us so why not psychic “attacks” intentional or not?

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Hi Esc – thanks for your comment. I’ll do a little to explain, but without giving too many specific details. The intent of this post is not to put on trial the person who we suspect may be connected to this experience.

      My “hard line moralist,” I meant that this person is clear about the belief that there is a good and an evil; there is no fuzziness about the definitions of those words. While this kind of binary perspective may be common among conservative Christians, I don’t think that the person in question is of that tradition. The behavior, however, is familiar.

      So, this wasn’t so much about my husband being gay or Pagan (and he doesn’t identify as Pagan), but about him being in the crossfires of a broader, more sweeping characterization of good v.s. evil. Does that make sense?

      I’m sorry to hear the you’ve undergone the difficulties with your family. I hope that you’re able to keep a peace amongst you, and hopefully come to a resolution one day about your differences. I pray that they come to recognize all of the beautiful parts of you, and redirect their prayer to something more compassionate and loving.

      Blessings to you.

  12. Ywendragoneye Avatar

    I agree with the other commenters here – I used to have to participate in stressful meetings at a previous job and found I had to put up shields to avoid carrying around the negativity. But what I really wanted to say was thanks for letting me know I am not the only one out here who is skeptical of a lot of the hoo-ha that goes around. I tend to be rather science-minded and want to see a little documentation or proof before I jump on the latest new product/method/theory bandwagon.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thank you for the comment, Ywendragoneye. You’re not the only one, for sure.

      I found that as I approached the situation yesterday, I felt inclined to reach toward magick as a way to reclaim the space, reclaim my power, and support my husband. It didn’t feel like shielding, but rather a kind of serious grounding. Perhaps that’s something you’ve experienced?

      1. Ywendragoneye Avatar

        I would put up the shields before going into the meeting – knowing ahead of time what was likely to happen. I would say yes, regarding grounding following unanticipated negativity. I tend to very grounded anyway (hence my skepticism!), relaxing, deep breathing a bit, and pulling power up from the Earth to push out the negativity. Smudging afterward with your herb of choice doesn’t hurt either. And I hear you on the “don’t mess w/my family” area – been there a few times myself! 

        1. Teo Bishop Avatar


          That’s great advice. Thanks again for contributing, Ywendragoneye. I’m really glad you’re here.

  13.  Avatar

    I’m inclined to think it is much more rarely psychic “attack” and much more often a matter of poor psychic hygiene on the part of the general culture. Think how much illness we’d all suffer if people weren’t widely taught to not take a dump on the street. Indeed, people did suffer that kind of illness in the early days of city-living.

    People at large don’t even believe we have exterior energetic structures in our makeup, just as there was a time when people did not believe in germs. So they don’t mind their psychic manners at all.

    My wife, who is very sensitive to such energetic structures, has a very hard time shopping in supermarkets and malls. I seem to have lost some sensitivity after cancer surgery and chemo — a different story — but even with muted senses, I can’t handle Christmas crowds. They are psychic shit-storms, exhausting and sickening, and I have to “armor up” to go out into those crowds.

    At Dragonfest, we generally put up a big psychic bubble, or dome, for the duration of the festival, and I’ve felt it go up and down. I remember a new person one year who was just so thrilled with the festival and the energy workshop she’d just attended that she was setting off psychic fireworks, shooting energy fireballs into the sky with wild abandon. I commented to her about the dome, and she looked puzzled. I noted that her fireballs were just going to bounce off the dome, and they had a good chance of hitting someone on the way down. She didn’t want to give someone a splitting headache, did she? Oops.

    Remember that old nursery rhyme?

    I shot an arrow into the air,
    It fell to earth, I know not where….

    Psychic hygiene. Good manners.

    You can take the energy-ball story as literal or as metaphor, but the fact remains that we humans are connected on multiple levels we are not aware of (or are sub-aware of), and if you put any credence in the idea that some of those connections are non-physical not-line-of-sight connections, we will certainly be responsive to those connections when they are mishandled, whether the intent is malefic or merely careless. Given that we have no cultural awareness of those connections, no don’t-take-a-crap-in-the-street rules of behavior, I’m not surprised that we suffer from a general miasma of psychic filth in the air.

    Then there are the deliberate attacks. I was cursed, once. Only once, and it wasn’t so much specifically malicious as it was an act of — not sure what to call it. An act of gratuitous violence, perhaps. Directed at me, but not personally. Like being attacked by a mean dog. It was effective, and was a bitch to remove. Deconstructing how it was made, and why it worked, was fascinating and instructive: nine parts applied psychology, one part something else. I did all the heavy lifting on myself. I’m reasonably sure that’s how the indigenous “death curses” work — the sorcerer merely gives the victim a shove, and the victim kills himself from the inside.

    Protection against any of that starts with rejecting all attempts to “get inside your head,” whether it’s a sorcerer telling you to die, or WalMart telling you to buy. That’s one reason talismans can be so effective. The vampire says, “I’ll drink the life right out of you,” and you hold up a cross — or a pentacle — and say, “No way, freak.” That rejection just broke off his fangs at the root. He’s not in your head, so he has no power.

    Once he’s in your head, getting him back out is a different story.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thank you, Themon, for this comment. I love your contributions on this blog.

      This is an interesting idea, that we are responsible for our own psychic hygiene. I probably resembled the firework girl as I walked through the halls of the DoubleTree hotel during PantheaCon — I was on cloud 9….99…99999, it seems. The idea didn’t occur to me that there could be some sort of negative side-effect to my elation. With that said, I wasn’t reckless in my interactions with people. I was just full of… well, full of something electric.

      It occurred to me as I read your comment that these sorts of situations justify, to me, a kind or religious framework and approach to the spiritual/magickal world. It needn’t be institutionalized, necessarily, and it could be quite personal (as mine is becoming). But, I find that having a personal religion that encompasses these topics, and builds a kind of broad understanding of “energy,” intent and will, and pairing that with a regular ritual practice (prayers, regular recitations, a mostly-firm cosmology, etc.) allows me to approach these situations with a kind of groundedness that I may not have, otherwise.

      It’s the idea of beginning and ending the day with prayer or meditation. You frame your life with something structured so that in the unstructured, chaotic moments you have something to hold on to.

      Does that make sense?

      1.  Avatar

        Yes, that makes sense to me.

        It doesn’t make much sense FOR me. I could write a long essay on that, but the essence of it is that I’ve tried it, and it bores me, so I stop doing it. Any practice you aren’t practicing, isn’t doing much for you.

        I have a different personal balance of structure and unstructure, one that works well enough for me though it would probably be a catastrophe for most people.

        Different folks, different strokes….

        More important than a common structure, I think, is a common language. And to develop a common language, people need to talk about this stuff.

        So thank you for bringing up these fascinating topics!

        1. Teo Bishop Avatar

          “Any practice you aren’t practicing, isn’t doing much for you.”

          Amen, brother. 🙂 Oh, how I feel that.

          I respect that you understand your balance and structure/unstructure. That’s paramount. And, I like this idea that what is more valuable is a common language. This idea is something, as you probably have guessed, is important to me. Picking apart the words we use, and making an effort not to be so casual with our language as to be sloppy, is an act of compassion. At least, I think it is.

          I’m glad the topics resonate with you. I’m happy that you continue to be a part of the dialogue here. You’re contributions are very meaningful to me.

  14. Tammywooliver Avatar

    Most spiritual/religious paradigms believe that angels, spirit guides, etc help us.  We seek them out for guidance, for help.  We acknowledge their presence around us at critical moments in our lives.   If we believe in their protection, then what do we believe they are protecting us from?  If we believe in their existence at all, then how can we not believe that the shadow side exists as well?  Light and dark exists within each of us, so why would it not exist in other realms?  We pray for others, asking the Sacred to heal, to guide, to watch over, etc.  What is prayer but putting out energy towards what we are praying for?  Prayer is not only an act of love.  We send out negative prayers all the time without awareness.  Do these have an impact?  Absolutely!!

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thank you for your comment, Tammy. I’m glad that you’re a part of the dialogue here.

      I’m of the belief that we have light and shadow, and that there is a healthy and unhealthy function to both of the parts of ourselves. The shadow is not inherently malevolent; that is simply an unhealthy function of the shadow. There could also be a healthy function of the shadow, such as with the willfulness and power we might bring to our righteous work of service (the *doing* of constructive things). Both are functions of the shadow, but one is healthy and the other less so.

      I think we approach the idea of light and shadow, or good and evil (depending on your paradigm) with the idea that this binary approach to morality, ethics, and even spiritual reality is universal; if it is true in my person, than it must be true to the disembodied spiritual beings I recognize. I’m not sure that this is true.

      Do those ideas resonate with you at all?

      1. Tammywooliver Avatar

        Some…I think most folks want to believe in what feels good…ie angels and spirit guides…but I don’t believe we can have it just one way.  Benevolent and malevolent both exist.  I’ve experienced them and have heard many stories of such.  We walk a dangerous line if we think that what is in the realms other than this one is only benevolent.  Now that being said…as humans we tend to judge or project based on what feels good and what feels bad. A psychic attack feels bad, must be malevolent, and therefore must be removed.  I tend to believe that darkness and light work together for the expansion of the universe.  When the body, the psyche, the heart, the mind, the chakras …when any aspect is compromised…is wounded…is vulnerable…then an opportunity presents itself for healing…for growth…for expansion.  This is amazing grace at work.  

  15. Lady GreenFlame Avatar
    Lady GreenFlame

    When we’re open psychically, we’re open – like having the windows and doors open in our houses. A beautiful butterfly can fly in, and so can a biting fly. Like the others, I don’t believe a psychic “attack” has to be a willed attack specifically against a single person, such as your husband — although it certainly can be. Also, without knowing the astrologer with whom he was trading readings — is anyone sending anything against that astrologer that your husband might have picked up on?

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thank you for the comment, Lady GreenFlame. I’m glad that you’re a part of the dialogue here at BitG.

      I love the way you describe our openness. That makes a lot of sense to me. The situation with my husband wasn’t directly connected to the astrologer, we believe. There was a person that he had a recent interaction with who we think might be connected to this. It’s difficult to tell whether or not the “attack” was intentional, or just a byproduct of a particular mindset that grouped my husband into a wider targeted group. But, we believe that’s where it came from.

  16. Fern Miller Avatar

    I believe that there are both humans and spirits out there that are jerks, and that can either consciously or unconsciously attack.

    Which is why I have wards and shields. 

    Even so, I THINK I was on the receiving end of an attack once, after an intense and divisive meeting of magic users.  Not sure it was intentional, but it didn’t much  matter, really.  At least if it WAS an attack I knew the source.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your comment, Fern. I would love to know more about “wards” and “shields.” I’m familiar with the words, but not exactly sure how you use them.

  17. Alan J Sheridan Avatar

    I was feeling funky Monday night and thought it would be prudent to smudge myself, but something felt “off” about the back of my neck.  Since I have long hair, I wasn’t confident waving burning sage in that area blindly, so I got my roommate to do it for me.  The relief was instant and as dramatic as one of those loud thundering belches in a quiet cathedral.  

    I had been in a meeting that morning with someone I detest, who feels the same way about me, and he chose to sit across from me while yammering on and on.  I don’t think he’s psychic or magical at all (I’ve known him for 15 years), but our mutual dislike created a connection that made me feel awful until I got rid of it.

    I think the phrase “psychic attack” is poorly worded in most cases, because “attack” implies some mean person out to get you.  Most of the time, I think we get other peoples energy attached to us that gives us a bad case of psychic indigestion, and can cause migraines or vomiting, or even just a vague sense of malaise.

    Doing a thorough cleansing of the house, car, and the two of you is generally enough to get rid of the psychic “riders” that hook into our energy and drain us or make us unwell.  All I did was wave a little sage smoke around myself with the intent of purifying my energy, and it worked like… magic.

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      I think you bring up a wonderful point about the language, Alan. “Attack” does imply a kind of ill-intent, which may not always be the cause. I also like the phrase, “psychic indigestion.” Never heard that before, and I think it’s wonderfully descriptive.

      My husband did say that this felt different than that. If felt more pointed; more direct. He recently had an interaction — a series of interactions — with a person who he’s discovered to be more of a hard-line moralist than he’d first assumed. We think that she, whether she’s aware or not, may be at the heart of this.

      Thank you for being a part of the discussion, Alan. I love getting to know more about your path and experiences!

      1. Alan J Sheridan Avatar

        Glad to be here Teo, you always have the most interesting stuff to discuss  :)I wonder if sometimes what may be manifesting as discomfort for us and feels like attack might in some cases be someone trying to “reach us” but is having a hard time getting through?  In my head, I’m seeing someone knocking politely on a door and not being heard and then pounding on the door and scaring the heck out of the person inside the house, who then has all that adrenaline to deal with and is frightened and nauseous.Of course, I’m not ruling out the ill-will of jerks out there, but chances are if a cleansing resolves the issue it was probably not anything intentional.  If it persisted after a cleansing, then I’d definitely recommend a “return to sender” working.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. Teo Bishop Avatar

          I imagine that this could happen. I’m not sure that it’s what happened yesterday, but I don’t see how one might not process this type of energetic outreach, well intentioned as it may be, as an invasion of space.

          I think you’re right about the “return to sender.” Our friend, in fact, inquired if that’s what we wanted to do right off. We thought it best to take a slightly more passive approach at first. Have you ever had to do such a working? Was it successful for you?

          1. Alan J Sheridan Avatar

             Yep, exactly that scenario… feeling rotten, did a cleansing after getting home and felt better, then stepped off my property and outside my wards and the rotten feeling returned within seconds.  Did a return to sender working and heard a few days later through the grapevine about someone who didn’t like me burning some candles and nearly catching their living room on fire.

            Sometimes, it’s necessary, and when it becomes necessary don’t hesitate.