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  • When Psychic Attack Hits Home

    When Psychic Attack Hits Home

    It was a normal morning at home. I was reading a book about Proto-Indo-Europeans while my dogs slept on the couch next to me, and my husband was off at our local metaphysical store, trading a psychic reading with an astrologer. Admittedly, our “normal” is not really prime-time normal. I looked up from what I […]

  • To #Occupy, To Fully Engage

    To #Occupy, To Fully Engage

    During the month that Occupy Wall Street grew from a small gathering to an international movement I mostly stayed home, busy with the work of selling our house. Protesters gathered around the Capitol, camped out with their hand-made signs and their earnest expressions, and I sat at our dining room table, worried about whether our […]

  • An Early Autumn Chill

    An Early Autumn Chill

    Our realtors walked through our bedroom and pointed out that my jewelry (a.k.a. Pagan Bling) would need to go, as would our book shelf of Buffy DVD’s and the half-dozen, brown, wooden elephant figurines left over from our big, gay wedding. They were pleased with the size of the closet, though, if not a little […]