Prose or Poetry?

A question for all my fellow ADF’ers:

What if I prepared my Dedicant Path submissions on the High Days as poems instead of the traditional prose/academic model? I could still site references (which could be kinda cool, actually – my poems would have footnotes!), and it would allow me to engage with the assigned writing in a way that is familiar to me.

The idea occurred to me after writing my Imbolc post. While personally relevant and totally valid as a journal entry, I’m not sure it served as the type of High Day piece that’s required for the DP.

I could write the verses and post them shortly after each High Day (with the exception of Samhain and Yule, which I’ve already celebrated as an ADF member and could write in advance), like maybe within a week or so after.

Thoughts? Would you be more interested in a prose or poetry description of the High Days?

(If you’re in ADF and have some insight into what is an acceptable submission, please share your wisdom!)






2 responses to “Prose or Poetry?”

  1. greycatsidhe Avatar

    As a reviewer, I suggest asking one of the preceptors ( The evaluation criteria states that each should be an essay of at least 125 words. Traits of an excellent submission:
    * Covers additional cultures
    * Innovation/creativity
    * Analysis of evolution of holidays over time
    * Includes Neopagan traditions along with hearth culture specific practices

    I see no reason why one couldn't do that in a poetic form, but you should really check before you commit to so much work.

    Best of luck! Let me know what is decided because I'm really curious about this!

    1. TeoBishop Avatar

      Thanks for the advice! I've written an e-mail and sent it off. I'll be sure to share what I learn!