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  • How Much Stuff Does One Pagan Need?

    How Much Stuff Does One Pagan Need?

    Should I let go of my stuff? Should I have a metaphysical yard sale, in which I sell my Cunningham books, my surplus of pewter jewelry, and my… …ahem… …crystals? Should I rid my closet of the long, green, hooded robe I’ve worn twice, my Guatemalan patchwork jacket I scored for $7 bucks, or my […]

  • What do we want from our Pagan leaders?

    What do we want from our Pagan leaders?

    In this last week of post-Pantheacon decompression, I’ve discovered a few things about myself. First, as much as I am invested in my online work, either through blogging or social networking, nothing compares to real-life, skin and sweat, handshakes and hugs interaction.¬†You can imagine all you want about how great it would feel to dance, […]

  • Tree Roots and Druid Groups

    The question is, must I be a strict adherent to any one of these traditions in order to accomplish that? Can I be an ADF member, following through on my commitment to the Dedicant Path, while still harboring this love for the Druid Revivalists and their modern spiritual offspring?

  • A Weiser Win, and a Welcome To New Readers

    This morning I received a sweet note in my Facebook inbox from “Ankhie”, the Weiser Books web guru. She wrote to inform me that my post, “In the beginning, there was Weiser…” was selected as the winner of the Weiser Books 100th Blog Post Challenge.

  • A Beautiful Noise

    This mashup of religious expression is coming from a sincere place, and I believe sincerity to be the most important ingredient in one’s religious life.

  • On Meditation and Devotion: Weeks 10, 11, & 12

    March has been quite productive. Spring is definitely upon us! I’ve been working away from home for over half of the month, relying heavily on my portable altar for morning worship.

  • The Doing of the Details: Ostara 2011

    Worship must be more than role-play. I believe that effective group worship must be an engaging act that seeks to unite the people present in a common mind for a common purpose.

  • On Meditation and Devotion: Weeks 7, 8, and 9

    I think it is time for me to return to the DP material and search out techniques to control my mind. It’s time to bring more mental discipline into my practice.

  • Prose or Poetry?

    A question for all my fellow ADF’ers: What if I prepared my Dedicant Path submissions on the High Days as poems instead of the traditional prose/academic model? I could still site references (which could be kinda cool, actually – my poems would have footnotes!), and it would allow me to engage with the assigned writing […]

  • History Waits… The Gods Call!

    History was never my forte, and my getting older hasn’t changed that much. Now, religion and philosophy? I can dig into some religion and philosophy.

  • A Question to My Readers: Integration

    I pose this question to my readers, regardless of your spiritual tradition and practice: How do you integrate your spiritual practice into your ordinary life? What tips could you give someone who is struggling with this challenge?

  • The first steps on a full, red moon

    Thinking back to the preparations I’ve made over the past few weeks, it occurs to me that my first act an ADF Dedicant is called to perform – the First Oath – has already been written.