Turning Over A Good Omen

I started a new creative project today. It’s one I’ve been preparing for since November of last year, and one that will influence much of what is to come throughout the rest of the Winter. It’s kind of a big deal.

I decided that it would be right and good to make special requests to the Kindred during my morning devotional for their guidance, wisdom and presence as I start down this new path. I put my essence into the offerings, opening myself as much as I could.

Once my offerings had been made, and it seemed like I was finished, I started to close the Hallows. I called on Arawn to transform the Fire, and then the Well, and as I was about to move on to the Tree my hand brushed up against the candle – something that has never happened before during ritual – and hot wax splashed onto my palm.

This didn’t seem like clumsiness. It seemed like a message. It seemed like a call to keep the sacred space open. I sensed that I should return to a place where I could be receptive to communication, and listen. It did not seem like they were done with me just yet.

So, I stopped what I was doing. Recalling what I’ve learned through reading about ADF ritual, and what I’ve experienced first had in full, High Day ritual with Silver Branch Golden Horn, I decided that it would be appropriate and useful to take an Omen. This isn’t something I’d incorporated into my daily practice before, but today it seemed right. If the Kindred wanted this space to remain open, then perhaps they wanted to convey something to me, and the taking of an Omen might help that message come through.

I sat down at the round table I use for tarot readings, lit a small, mostly melted candle, and shuffled my deck. I laid the deck down, asked out loud if my offerings would be accepted, and then I turned over a single card.

It was the Princess of Wands.

She stood in the middle of a road, clearly moving forward. She was fiery, focussed, and she seemed beautifully self possessed. These were, of course, my first impressions. I pulled the DruidCraft book from my shelf and found the page corresponding to this card. At times, I find it useful to see what the artists intended for this card to represent, and to hold that meaning up against my initial, intuitive reading.

The book read this:

When not signifying a person, this card may represent the initial spark of interest in a project or a relationship, or it can indicate a message or communication, particularly one conveying news about the beginning of a venture. It may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life – a new phase of activity just starting.

Could this have been any clearer that my words had been heard?!

I asked for a sign that my sacrifices were acceptable to the Kindred, and I received a clear and resounding message back – YES! They would be with me! It felt like communication. Real communication.

Today was brilliant. I felt the presence of the Kindred as I began my creative work, and I’m profoundly grateful.

Make your offerings with sincerity.

Open your heart fully and without reservation.

Be transparent and the light will shine through you.





7 responses to “Turning Over A Good Omen”

  1. Pamela Avatar

    Yes, Tony, it is. And it makes our faith all the more relevant in a somewhat harsh and frequently graceless world. Thank you, Teo, for relating this experience for us.

    1. TeoBishop Avatar

      My pleasure, Pamela. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Tony Fleming Avatar
    Tony Fleming

    One of my favorite things about being pagan is that we can have a really personal relationship with our Gods. We can ask them questions and get real answers! Its a wonderful feeling, isn't it? -Tony

    1. TeoBishop Avatar

      Thank you for your comment, Tony! I absolutely agree. Having this immediate a connection to the Gods was powerful for me.

  3. greywren Avatar

    This is a lovely story. I could use a little Princess of Wands blessing in my own creative work today. It's one of *those* days. I've been so wrapped up in discussing my personal struggles with the Kindred that I've neglected my professional struggles.

    I haven't tried working omens into my rituals yet, mainly because I'm following a slow guide that adds COoR steps every few weeks. Still, I think it must be nice that have that concrete guide of an omen before you. Thanks for sharing such a positive, concrete experience!

    1. TeoBishop Avatar

      I know how you feel. It can be a challenge to find a balance when you're at the start of a new spiritual discipline, especially one that is as compelling for you (and me) as the DP seems to be. Balance is the key, I think. The goal may be to integrate these personal, private practices with our public, "ordinary" lives.

      I've worked with the Tarot for a few years now, and it felt like a natural thing to include the drawing of a card in my morning ritual. I'd like to move towards Ogham, and I probably will as a part of my DP studies.

      I'm really grateful to you for your comments. Thank you. 🙂

  4. J.T. Avatar

    Awesome, Teo. One of the things I've come to love in the short time I've been walking the Druid path is the real sense of closeness and connectedness between us and the Kindreds. There's a "with"-ness that I just didn't get anywhere else that is so evident in moments like that.