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  • The Tree of Contemplative Practices

    The Tree of Contemplative Practices

    While talking with my husband I realized that many of the arguments I’ve been making during my conversations with hard polytheists, particularly with Galina Krasskova (read our Facebook chat here and see the post it inspired from her here), are not necessarily reflected in or supported by the evidence of my own practice. Or, in […]

  • Contemplation Is Right Action

    Contemplation Is Right Action

    What, I wonder, are the differences between a contemplative practice and a devotional practice? I’ve read a lot about devotional polytheism this morning. I read Galina Krassova’s first installment of her Fundamentals of Polytheism series, “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Theories,” and Galina places a great deal of focus on the development of a devotional […]

  • Claiming a Soul-Centered, Contemplative Pagan Practice

    Claiming a Soul-Centered, Contemplative Pagan Practice

    John Halstead doesn’t mess around.¬†When he writes, he means business. Just read his exposition on the most recent explosion of discussion and debate among Pagans and polytheists over superheroes and gods and you’ll know what I mean. John has a tremendous intellect, and when he writes on Allergic Pagan about the in’s and out’s of […]

  • How Do We Begin?

    How Do We Begin?

    Sometimes I find myself out of balance. Today, for example, I came into my room — the place where I light my incense, still my mind, perform acts of reverence and celebration — and I found myself uncertain about how to begin. My mind was a repository for too many things. There was clutter everywhere. […]