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  • Will you walk with me?

    Will you walk with me?

    In yesterday’s post on The Wild Hunt I talked about Awen and about my creative process. It wasn’t standard fare for that site, and not the most widely read and shared post that I’ve written, but it was a very natural thing for me to write about. A song is little more than a conversation […]

  • The Awen Moves: An Offering in the Morning

    The Awen Moves: An Offering in the Morning

    There is an intrinsic connection between creativity and spirituality, I think. The impuse to create feels very much to me like the impulse to worship, to do ritual, or to pray. Perhaps this is why my heart sang out so loundly when I first found the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. OBOD asserts that […]

  • Where is the Source of Your Inspiration?

    Where is the Source of Your Inspiration?

    This morning I woke, picked up the pen and paper on the hotel nightstand, and wrote down these words: What is it to write from sleeping? To write without ceasing. To hold back the need to edit, the impulse to correct. The penmanship is awful, but that does not matter. The only impulse is to […]

  • I Got Religion During #NaNoWriMo

    I Got Religion During #NaNoWriMo

    For thirty days in a row I shall wake up every morning, brew a batch of French press coffee, sit down at my solid, cluttered desk (or a reasonable substitute) and write at least one thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven words until, on November 30th, I reach the final 50,000 word mark. You see, I, […]