Show and Tell: My Bookshelf

My friend and fellow Dedicant in the ADF Druidry Training Course, Kristin of Grey Wren’s Flight, had a mighty fine idea on Monday. She decided that in response to the disconnect we often feel between our experiences of real-life, physically manifest, grit’n’grime spiritual practice and the text-based, idea-centered, socially networked way we communicate online, she would share a photo of her spiritual work space. It is, in effect, a reminder that she does exist somewhere in the world…not just on my computer screen.

So, I join her today in the sharing.

Here is a photo of a my bookshelf, messy and well-used. My jars of herbs and roots sit beside candles, oils and a small statue of Hekate (while not a Goddess of my primary Hearth, she still makes herself known now and then). I’ve placed my ADF membership card in front of a cherished copy of The Solitary Druid and some other scary academic books I’ve still yet to read. The silhouetted photo of me on a pilgrimage to Ireland is a reminder of my time in the Episcopal Church; a time where I first commented to the sacred land of my spiritual ancestors.

There’s plenty more tucked into drawers and hiding inside leather pouches. But, I’ll keep that bit of mystery for another post.

Thanks to Kristin for encouraging this first Show & Tell Post!

Show and Tell #1



4 responses to “Show and Tell: My Bookshelf”

  1. Rev. Kirk Thomas Avatar

    “Comparative Mythology” and “In Search of the Indo-Europeans”, I see. Yes, maybe a bit scary. But the mythology book was something I found to be fascinating, myself. Just dive on in – you’ll be glad you did!

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar
      Teo Bishop

      Thanks for paying my blog a visit, Rev. Kirk. I’ll do that… at some point soon. 🙂

  2. Kristin Avatar

    Yay! I’m so glad you’ve shared, too. The trouble is, now I have so many questions about your bookshelf. What herbs? What do you use them for? What is the background of your bookshelf? Curse you, self, and your encouraging people to post tantalizing glimpses of their lives!

    It does look like a well-loved and magical space, though. I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar
      Teo Bishop

      Well-loved it is.

      The herbs are a garden-variety (pun sorta intended) of witchy things, most of which I pulled together during my Cunningham phase. I don’t use them quite as much now, but every so often I boil down a brew for a space cleansing. The oils range from tea tree to holiday specific blends, and I try to keep a variety of colored candles ready for the lighting. The background is a large, Celtic tapestry…I’ve gone a little tapestry crazy of late.

      Thanks again for the idea, Kristin! I look forward to posting more puzzle pieces of my space!