Oh my Gods, I’m at #Pantheacon.

I’m buzzing. Vibrating. I know that sounds New Age-y, but that’s really what it feels like to be in my body at this moment.

I’m sitting in the lobby of the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel, and Pantheacon is exploding all around me. There are men in skirts, women in top hats, people whose gender is a complete mystery, elders, newbies (like me), and a general spirit of something happening.

This is the place to be, and I’m here.


Oh, and did I mention that there is a strong corseted faction? Because there is, and it’s amazing.

I’m overwhelmed, really. I didn’t know it would feel quite so exhilarating to be near this many strange, and delightfully decorated people. It’s as though my books have been made flesh.

For real.

I’ve spoken with Jim Dickinson, the Project Manager for the Pagan Library in Delaware, Ivo Domínguez, Jr., Author and Teacher, and Candace Kant, Ph.D, the new Dean of Students for Cherry Hill Seminary.

All before lunch.

For the majority of my time as an out-and-about Pagan, I’ve lived on the page and the screen. But this? This is something all together different. This is real. Real, and feathered, and leathered, and bearded, and adorned, and sitting right across from me.

All accoutrements aside, I’m thrilled that my day is scheduled to include:

1. A presentation by Raven Grimassi, Lon Milo DuQuette, T. Thorn CoyleDiana Paxson, Orion Foxwood, Mary K. Greer, and Jacki Smith (“A Witch, A Seer, and a Crowleyite Walk Into a Bar”) put on by Weiser Books.

2. Introductions to many an ADF member, including Rev. Medb Olson when she leads her presentation, “Group Dynamics for Pagan Organizations.”

3. Ivo’s presentation, “Triple Shadow: The Shadow of the Lower, Middle, & Higher Self.” (He has the most impressive beard, doesn’t he?)

4. Who KNOWS what else!!

I’ve been reminded on many occasion to eat regular meals, drink water, and breathe. I’ll try to remember those.

I’m not going to attempt to do anything now except relish this feeling. There will be time to process later, time to sort through the images, the messages and the emotions and see what it might all mean.

For now, I soak in the energy!

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11 responses to “Oh my Gods, I’m at #Pantheacon.”

  1. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus Avatar
    P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    I’m glad I was able to meet you briefly, Teo, and am saddened that we did not have more opportunity to speak than we were able to.  I also deeply appreciated your presence at the Open Discussion of Transgender in Paganism event, and indeed am grateful to everyone who attended that (even though I did not organize it nor do anything to make it as successful and beautiful as it was, other than to say what I said when the time was right).  I hope to be in further contact in the future!  And thank you also for your subsequent entry on the events of the protest–thank you for your journalistic and objective eye in that!

  2. Kilmrnock Avatar

    Enjoy your self , my freind …………….fill us in later after you have had time to absorb and filter all you’ll experience and learn .       Kilm

  3. WhiteBirch Avatar

    The Witch, Seer, and Crowleyite has so many interesting people in it! Very jealous. 🙂 Have a great time, Teo, and tell us all about it!

    1. WhiteBirch Avatar

      So my brain kicked in after I posted and I can’t tell if “Witch, Seer, Crowleyite” is something of Jacki Smith’s or the name of the workshop. Either way, that presentation with Raven Grimassi and Mary K Greer and Diana Paxson… wish I was there!

  4. Jeffrey Avatar

    Teo, this sounds great! I have never been to this; though I attend a number of conferences here and there. How are you deciding which sessions to attend; whatever strikes your fancy or  by certain tracks?
    Enjoy it, and keep telling us about it!

  5. Sonneillon Avatar

    I’m so jealous.  Have fun!

  6. Leanne Pemburn Avatar

    Ah, enjoy!  The Triple Shadow is an amazing workshop!

  7. Lady GreenFlame Avatar
    Lady GreenFlame

    I’m so damn jealous. But so happy that great Pagans like you are able to be there and report on it … this is our version of the “red carpet!” 🙂

  8. Chris Godwin Avatar

    If you meet a guy calling himself “ogam bear” tell him I said hi!

  9. Ian Corrigan Avatar
    Ian Corrigan

    Your first real-live festival?? Always an amazing experience! Have a great time.

  10. Star Foster Avatar

    Ivo’s beard is impressive. I plan to hunker down with his new book this weekend!

    Have fun!