The first steps on a full, red moon

Tonight is the Full Moon… and Yule… and a Lunar Eclipse…

All at the same time. How’s that for cosmic coincidence?

Tonight is also the night I take my first steps on a new path: the ADF Dedicant Path.

Thinking back to the preparations I’ve made over the past few weeks, it occurs to me that my first act an ADF Dedicant is called to perform – the First Oath – has already been written. I don’t think I realized that’s what it was when I was writing it. But, the words which came to me just before Samhain – words that speak to a lone seeker, standing underneath the moonlit sky, feet planted in the native soil, crying out to the night for a fire to be lit in his soul — if that isn’t an Oath, I’m not sure I know what is.

To sing this song is to remember that I am on this path, and that the Light which I seek is already burning within me. This light sustains me in the darkness, and is the source of my inspiration, the spark of wisdom gained and the promise of Divine guidance and love.

Tonight, in a little over an hour, I will walk outside, stand beneath a red moon, and declare to the unseen forces that guide my life that I honor them, I am committed to learned the Old Ways of worship and devotion to them, and I seek to live a life in service to the world using the gifts they have given me to the best of my ability.

I am a Pagan. I seek to live a virtuous, pious, studious life that connects me to the world, to my heart and mind, and to The Shining Ones, The Ancestors and the Nature Spirits.

So let it be.