New Word: Drubie

Yesterday I was speaking with an old friend about Druidry, telling him about ADF and the Dedicant Path. He and I have always had a deep spiritual connection, and it felt good to catch him up on all of the inspired work I’m doing.

When I talk, especially to people I’m close with, I ramble. It is during said ramblings that I often stumble upon insights about myself, my beliefs, or my overall worldview. When the self-censoring part of my brain shuts down, the creative part opens up, and all sorts of interesting things fall out of my mouth.

Point in fact: Drubie.

I am a Drubie, as in, New Druid, or New to the Druid Path. Drubie. Fun, right?

The word is light-hearted, and when I say it out loud it reminds me that while spiritual work deserves my dedication, focus and sincerity, I have to remember not to take everything too seriously. Irreverence is good seasoning, and you wouldn’t want your food to start getting bland. Would you?

So, here’s to all you other Drubies out there! May your spiritual meals have a little kick in ’em.





2 responses to “New Word: Drubie”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Drubie. 🙂 I love it. I like to think the gods enjoy irreverence as much as reverence (some more than others of course…). Too much reverence and it’s like you’re keeping them away from you…

    1. Teo Bishop Avatar

      That’s a great way of looking at if, Paul. 🙂