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  • How Do I Know I’m a Pagan?

    How Do I Know I’m a Pagan?

    How do I know I’m a Pagan? I mean, really.  I had this thought after my unexpected visit to church. I also had this thought after I returned home from Beltania, the Colorado Beltane gathering I attended and presented at over my birthday weekend. It may seem strange that I would question my Pagan identity after a Pagan […]

  • I Felt Ashamed At Pagan Pride

    I Felt Ashamed At Pagan Pride

    The circle. The circle is fundamental. This simple shape, along with the square and the triangle, introduces our early minds to geometry, to symmetry, to physical and social design. This past weekend I felt ashamed at Pagan Pride on account of a circle. My body helped form the edge of a circle. My body stood […]

  • Gender Essentialism is a Problem, Pagans.

    Gender Essentialism is a Problem, Pagans.

    Inspired by a comment posted on Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us, I posted the following status update to Facebook: “I wonder how my Wiccan friends might respond to the idea that the Lord and Lady gave us our form, or that a trans person transitioning is the greatest insult to them.” The […]

  • Holy Crap… I think I may be a Wiccan

    So I’m talking with one my best girlfriends this morning, pacing around her kitchen as she cooks up some kale, and I’m telling her the story of me being told by a women that, “Women, by nature, understand the Goddess better than men,” or that, “There’s just something about women that makes it easier for […]

  • The Day The Witches Took Over Church – UPDATED

    No one knew why the woman sitting beside the Pagan Chamber Choir was wearing a black, feathered, Carnival mask, and I doubt anybody asked. Her display may have seemed a bit dark for 9:15am on a Sunday, but who was I to judge?