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  • In Search Of Context

    In Search Of Context

    I went to a Unitarian Universalist church this past weekend. After several weeks of intense blogging I felt exhausted, emotionally. With all of the new traffic to BITG, there has been a wave of new readers who have no context for why I write or who I am. Without context, without a sense of where […]

  • Want To Make The Gods Laugh?

    Want To Make The Gods Laugh?

    Make a plan, the gods say. I dare you. Ok, ready? You’re me: You put on your denim kilt, blue button up shirt, and patchwork hat. Your beard is tidy and trim, and your socks pulled up. You load up the car with your husband, a tupperware container of crayons, and a bag of chocolates. […]

  • Know Me By My Pagan Name

    What happens when the person I am online – the Druid student, the Pagan – meets real, flesh and blood, non-Pagan identifying people? Which me am I?

  • The Day The Witches Took Over Church – UPDATED

    No one knew why the woman sitting beside the Pagan Chamber Choir was wearing a black, feathered, Carnival mask, and I doubt anybody asked. Her display may have seemed a bit dark for 9:15am on a Sunday, but who was I to judge?