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  • Pre-Pantheacon Packing Jitters

    Pre-Pantheacon Packing Jitters

    I haven’t packed. I have piles of things scattered around my office, and none of them are in any order. Pantheacon starts tomorrow — tomorrow!! — and I haven’t packed. In part, I’ve been slow to lay out all of the necessities because this trip is not just a weekend trip for me. I’ll be […]

  • Doing It Alone on the Equinox

    Doing It Alone on the Equinox

    I find that the best way to get my house clean is to throw a party. My desk may be covered with books and papers, my laundry bin filled, and my various interests — knitting and sewing being those that come with the most accessories — all sprawled out across the dining room table, but […]

  • My Portable Altar

    I’m ok with taking a pause from academia. But, worship? Worship goes with.