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  • A Reaction to Living

    A Reaction to Living

    I am on the cusp of a new beginning. New beginnings are terrifying. And liberating. And challenging. And not without a degree of nostalgia and loss. Things have to end in order for other things to begin. Circle of life, and all that stuff. My house is almost completely packed up. Our bed is on […]

  • A Letter to Portland from a Colorado Pagan

    A Letter to Portland from a Colorado Pagan

    Dear Portland, I’m moving to you in August. My husband and I are packing up all of our things, loading up our three dogs in the car, and driving for two days across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, a bit of Idaho, and a good stretch of eastern Oregon to get to you. Neither of us have […]

  • A Daily Practice Matters

    A Daily Practice Matters

    This morning we slept in until 7:30. That may not seem incredibly early to some (it isn’t all that early for my husband and I), but it’s a vacation compared to the day of surgery and the first day of recovery. We woke to discover that my kid was experiencing some sharp pain, a common […]

  • Gender Essentialism is a Problem, Pagans.

    Gender Essentialism is a Problem, Pagans.

    Inspired by a comment posted on Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us, I posted the following status update to Facebook: “I wonder how my Wiccan friends might respond to the idea that the Lord and Lady gave us our form, or that a trans person transitioning is the greatest insult to them.” The […]

  • Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us

    Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us

    It snowed last night. First of the season. There wasn’t quite enough to break the branches like last year, but it was enough to remind us that the season of fall, as much as I’d prefer it last forever, is simply a transition. What we’re witnessing in the seasonal display of colors is the letting […]

  • My Friend Got Stuck in the Winter

    My Friend Got Stuck in the Winter

    We’re searching for new beginnings, my friend and I. Yesterday, we took to driving along open roads, through fields turned yellow from the heat, with music playing loud enough to drown out all else, and we let the sound paint a picture of how much we’d changed. A year ago, my friend and I let […]

  • How Does Paganism Handle Turnover?

    How Does Paganism Handle Turnover?

    A friend messaged me this morning to tell me she’d been fired. The news was unexpected, as it often is, and she was understandably torn up over it. My heart sunk, and I hurt for her. I wanted to reach out and embrace her, but I couldn’t. There was only text between us, and the […]

  • Casting Faith

    Pagans are so centered around practice. We define ourselves by what we do, not by what we believe (generally speaking). But faith is all about belief, isn’t it? How do we reframe faith as something that you do instead of something that you have?