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  • He Says The Gods Are Not What Matters

    He Says The Gods Are Not What Matters

    The worship of the gods is not what matters, Brendan Myers says. People and relationships matter. Even as someone who helps to provide others with the tools to worship their gods, these liturgies of the Fellowship, I find myself reading his words and saying — Yes. This is correct. This is not the only correct […]

  • It’s Back to (Druid) School Season

    It’s Back to (Druid) School Season

    The harvest season comes, and the kids go back to school. I can’t pass a rack of school supplies without stopping to see if there’s anything I want need. There rarely is, but I still like to look. The eco-folders and notebooks, while more ecologically responsible, are nowhere as cool as my Trapper Keeper. It was rad. […]

  • What do we want from our Pagan leaders?

    What do we want from our Pagan leaders?

    In this last week of post-Pantheacon decompression, I’ve discovered a few things about myself. First, as much as I am invested in my online work, either through blogging or social networking, nothing compares to real-life, skin and sweat, handshakes and hugs interaction. You can imagine all you want about how great it would feel to dance, […]

  • Tree Roots and Druid Groups

    The question is, must I be a strict adherent to any one of these traditions in order to accomplish that? Can I be an ADF member, following through on my commitment to the Dedicant Path, while still harboring this love for the Druid Revivalists and their modern spiritual offspring?