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  • How Do We Respond to Conflict in Pagan Communities?

    How Do We Respond to Conflict in Pagan Communities?

    Paganism, on the surface, seems like a retreat from the challenges posed by organized religion. Our great, mostly-pentacle-shaped umbrella, under which all shades, shapes and sizes of earth loving, god or goddess invoking creatures rest, looks to the untrained eye like a respite from bureaucracy, miscommunication, and any of the other ills of “The Church.” It […]

  • The Fire Of A Solitary Druid

    We may experience our spiritual journey in solitary, but there is something powerful which unites us all.

  • When The Heavens Open

    I discovered this video, and it really moved me. Reverend Michael J. Dangler, a person who I’ve never met in person but who is responsible for the DP workbook and journal that I’ve written about recently, was ordained last year at Summerland, the ADF gathering. From the video’s description: The rite was done during the […]