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  • Will you walk with me?

    Will you walk with me?

    In yesterday’s post on The Wild Hunt I talked about Awen and about my creative process. It wasn’t standard fare for that site, and not the most widely read and shared post that I’ve written, but it was a very natural thing for me to write about. A song is little more than a conversation […]

  • Making My Way Through the Cloud

    Making My Way Through the Cloud

    Today is the first day since we’ve been in Portland that the sky was completely overcast. Our bedroom was a pale blue-gray when we woke, and I found the color to be incredibly peaceful and calming. I have a feeling that there are plenty of Portlanders who do not share my adoration for this hue, […]

  • To Be Pagan Without Community

    To Be Pagan Without Community

    I spent the morning catching up with an “online” friend, forging a new “on ground” relationship. The internet is amazing, really. To be able to initiate these kinds of relationship and build community having only the context of Facebook or an e-mail forum is phenomenal. I’m a transplant to this town, and yet there are […]

  • A Reaction to Living

    A Reaction to Living

    I am on the cusp of a new beginning. New beginnings are terrifying. And liberating. And challenging. And not without a degree of nostalgia and loss. Things have to end in order for other things to begin. Circle of life, and all that stuff. My house is almost completely packed up. Our bed is on […]

  • A Letter to Portland from a Colorado Pagan

    A Letter to Portland from a Colorado Pagan

    Dear Portland, I’m moving to you in August. My husband and I are packing up all of our things, loading up our three dogs in the car, and driving for two days across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, a bit of Idaho, and a good stretch of eastern Oregon to get to you. Neither of us have […]