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  • One Little Pagan on the Huffington Post

    One Little Pagan on the Huffington Post

    I remember when I first came out as gay, I wanted to read other gay writers. I wanted to listen to gay music, and wear gay t-shirts, and stitch a gay patch to my high school backpack. Gay was the thing to be, as far as I was concerned, and “gay bling” was hot currency. […]

  • I, Teo Bishop, am Coming Out as Teo Bishop

    I, Teo Bishop, am Coming Out as Teo Bishop

    It was my first time being fingerprinted and I couldn’t stop giggling. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t being arrested, either. I was in the police station by choice, and the man who was gently rolling my inked fingers across the regulation fingerprint-card was taking it all in stride. “You know,” I said, “this action, when taken […]

  • Pagan Is The New Gay

    Admittedly, I’m a newbie in the Pagan community. But, I’m no newbie Gay. I feel there’s a valuable parallel between our struggles that no one is picking up on.

  • How I Arrived At Pagan

    I’m writing to explain my relationship with the identifier, Pagan, and how it sometimes fits and often does not fit my sense of religious identity.

  • Ghosti!

    At the moment of surrender, when all seemed lost, I experienced a new kind of connection to the Gods. It’s what the Druids call, “Ghosti”.

  • A Response to “Omens and Tarot”

    This post is a response to the blog post “Omens and Tarot”, posted yesterday on Grey Wren’s Flight (http://greywren.wordpress.com)