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  • Caught Up in the Flow: What I Believe

    Caught Up in the Flow: What I Believe

    This is less a journal of my proclamations as it is a record of my process. I am figuring it out as I go. If you think you’ve already got it figured out, my writing may likely rub you the wrong way. Over the past several days I’ve been in the midst of what my […]

  • More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    Pagans hate generalizations made about Pagans (he writes with a smirk). That’s one generalization I feel confident in making. In my last post I made some bold statements about the unwillingness of Pagans to accept the existence of the Christian god, knowing full well that those statements were not completely accurate (or, perhaps even close […]

  • Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

    Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

    Pagans don’t want to accept the possibility that the Christian god is real. Doing so might open us up to a diatribe about salvation, our inherent sinfulness, or our “need for conversion”. We’ve had that talk a time or two, and – thank you – we’ll pass. Christians are of the “One and Only God” camp. Not […]

  • One God, Two Gods; Red God, Blue Gods

    What if it was all true? ALL of it – more than you ever imagined before. Could you be flexible enough to believe in everything?