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  • Go ahead and belove

    Go ahead and belove

    “Excuse me,” the voice said from off to my side. “Can you help me?” She was an old woman, perhaps in her 80’s. Her bones looked small and fragile. She wore a dirty coat. For some reason the coat really bothered me.┬áThis woman shouldn’t have been out there in the cold. She should have been […]

  • Where Does Love Fit into Pagan and Polytheist Traditions?

    Where Does Love Fit into Pagan and Polytheist Traditions?

    I am not a Christian, but I have no problem with placing love at the center of my religious ideology. (That I should feel the need to qualify the centrality of love with an “I am not” statement is notable.) When I check in with my desire, my deepest yearning, I discover love. It’s there, […]

  • A Pagan Reclaiming Forgiveness

    A Pagan Reclaiming Forgiveness

    In the midst of this Christian extravaganza, standing beneath the red and green blinking lights, and surrounded by the sound of Jesus followers singing hymns and secular Christmas classics, I’m rediscovering the act of forgiveness. I didn’t expect forgiveness to be a theme of this brief caroling experience. I thought my time singing Christmas songs […]