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  • The Kind of Christian I Was

    The Kind of Christian I Was

    I used to sing with my eyes closed. There were a few hymns at Christmas time that really did if for me. I sang harmonies a little louder than good taste would call for. Sometimes the priest would sing the Eucharist, and I knew every melody. I’d sing along quietly to myself, just under my […]

  • The Heart Is The Only Nation

    The Heart Is The Only Nation

    I have met the Morrígan. I have stood in a circle, a shape unlike any circle I’ve stood in before, and beside my human kin, a spiritual kin sharing breath and space and smell and touch, I made contact with the Warrior inside myself. At this moment it feels as though I have never been […]

  • Liturgy And A Cocktail

    Liturgy And A Cocktail

    Let me try to explain how I’m feeling right now. When I exhale, my breath shakes a little. Not the crying kind of shake, but almost the laughing kind of shake. My fingers are cold, which is partly on account of the freezingness of Colorado (and I’m using that word, regardless of what the auto-spell […]

  • Serving Solitary Pagans: An Experiment in Liturgy

    Serving Solitary Pagans: An Experiment in Liturgy

    In September of this year, I submitted an application to start my own ADF protogrove for solitary Pagans. I planned on calling it, Sojourner’s Protogrove. Protogroves are the precursor to fully-chartered groves within the ADF organization, and their main responsibility (as with groves) is to provide public rituals for each of the eight High Days […]

  • Liturgy is Sexy to *this* Druid

    Liturgy is Sexy to *this* Druid

    Here’s why ADF is awesome: The Core Order of Ritual. There are other reasons, too, but the Core Order of Ritual (or COoR) tops my list at the moment. The COoR is the key liturgical framework for ritual that unites the Druids of Ár nDraíocht Féin, regardless of what Hearth Tradition they’ve adopted for themselves […]

  • How I Arrived At Pagan

    I’m writing to explain my relationship with the identifier, Pagan, and how it sometimes fits and often does not fit my sense of religious identity.

  • A Beautiful Noise

    This mashup of religious expression is coming from a sincere place, and I believe sincerity to be the most important ingredient in one’s religious life.