• Equality is a Pagan Value

    Equality is a Pagan Value

    Those who say that equality is not a relevant “Pagan” issue are incorrect. There is no one for whom equality is not a relevant issue. Strip the rights of one, and you strip the rights of all. Conversely, uphold the dignity of one, and you uphold the dignity of all. Today SCOTUS struck down DOMA and […]

  • Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us

    Trans Is A Teacher For All Of Us

    It snowed last night. First of the season. There wasn’t quite enough to break the branches like last year, but it was enough to remind us that the season of fall, as much as I’d prefer it last forever, is simply a transition. What we’re witnessing in the seasonal display of colors is the letting […]

  • Pagan Is The New Gay

    Admittedly, I’m a newbie in the Pagan community. But, I’m no newbie Gay. I feel there’s a valuable parallel between our struggles that no one is picking up on.