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  • Faitheist: A Lesson for Pagans in Storytelling

    Faitheist: A Lesson for Pagans in Storytelling

    Faitheist serves as an example to Pagans, polytheists, Witches, Druids and Heathens (I think it’s time we get our own LGBTQAI abbreve, no?) of the impact and power that storytelling can have on furthering our ideals. Browse the bookshelf at a local metaphysical bookstore, and you will find book after book which explains the hows […]

  • I’m Not Catholic, But I Am Concerned

    I’m Not Catholic, But I Am Concerned

    The first thing that sprung to mind when I learned that Pope Benedict was resigning from his station of service was a series of quips and puns.   WWBD? He’d quit. Two living popes in Rome? It’s like Buffy and Faith all over again. Well this is a good way of dodging the child abuse scandal, no? […]

  • Pagans Among Wild Geese

    Pagans Among Wild Geese

    I had plans to attend the Wild Goose Festival this weekend. I was supposed to leave today, but then the money got tight. As I wrote about in my last post I made the decision to forgo my studies at Marylhurst for at least a term or two, in part for financial reasons. In light of […]

  • You Say Tomato, I Say Druid.

    You Say Tomato, I Say Druid.

    Ever since I took the name, Teo Bishop, and made it my own — both in a religious sense and through the proper legal channels — I’ve had cause to explain what it is that I do on this blog. My writing, as well as my deepening engagement with my own spiritual work, are both […]

  • What is the Point of Your Religion?

    What is the Point of Your Religion?

    Last week I asked, “Where does compassion belong among Pagans and Polytheists?” Beneath this first question there is another, more relevant question; one that has been nagging at me for several days: What is the point of your religion? I think this is a valuable inquiry, and no one has asked me this just yet. Yesterday […]

  • More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    Pagans hate generalizations made about Pagans (he writes with a smirk). That’s one generalization I feel confident in making. In my last post I made some bold statements about the unwillingness of Pagans to accept the existence of the Christian god, knowing full well that those statements were not completely accurate (or, perhaps even close […]