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  • Is Anything “Un-Sacred” to a Pagan?

    Is Anything “Un-Sacred” to a Pagan?

    I spend a good bit of time in airports. Culturally speaking, airports offer an interesting glimpse into the generic, surface-level identity of any given place. As I write this, I’m surrounded by Canadian Maple Leafs, shelves of syrup, stuffed moose toys, and — strangely, but not surprisingly — Starbucks. Canada is a big country, as […]

  • To #Occupy, To Fully Engage

    To #Occupy, To Fully Engage

    During the month that Occupy Wall Street grew from a small gathering to an international movement I mostly stayed home, busy with the work of selling our house. Protesters gathered around the Capitol, camped out with their hand-made signs and their earnest expressions, and I sat at our dining room table, worried about whether our […]