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The message from my great-grandmother was that I needed to slow down, otherwise I would miss an important opportunity. She spoke, and I listened.

Over the weekend I did my best to “go with the flow”, responding only to the impulse to rest or to be creative (without worrying about the function of purpose of that creativity). I did my best to relax my mind and take a break from the persistant race I’ve been running. Then, on a phone call with a good friend and colleague, I came face to face with the opportunity my Ancestor had fortold. And, in my calm, relaxed state, I was able to see clearly the choices being presented before me and navigate through them with ease.

“Your great-grandma was right,” my husband told me after I got off the call and told him what had happened. “You did what she said, and you were ready for your opportunity.”

The living and the dead both speak truth. My Ancestor, a woman who makes herself known by sending the electical system of my house into haywire, who relays messages to me through my psychic husband, she is a real, present, active force in my life.

At some point, when I reach the time where I’m ready to formally describe the role and relationship of Ancestors in my life for my DP work, I will be ready. And, as I’ve learned from this experience, it will come when it comes. I needn’t force it. I simply must relax, and respond.

An unannounced visit from a relative can be jarring.

Especially when they’re dead.

My great-grandmother has paid a visit to my husband two times in as many days. She shows up, makes the lights flash on and off in our bedroom, and, by doing so, scares the fool out of him.

This isn’t the first time she’s visited him, either. She has shown up, reliably, just before: a.) a relative is taken to the hospital, b.) someone experiences physical trauma, or c.) we suffer through some major family drama.

She’s like a trans-dimensional red flag waver.

I don’t think she means to scare us – she wasn’t a malicious person while she was living, and it seems that her visits are always a warning of some kind. My husband believes that her most current visits are attempts to deliver a message to me that I may be moving too fast on my new spiritual path.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to do with this information. For now, I’m taking it under advisement and waiting to see if I get any clearer sense of what she means. I’m planning to continue with my morning devotional… unless that’s part of what she’s concerned about. I don’t know. It’s unclear.