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  • A Blessed Imbolc, and a New Book Club!

    A Blessed Imbolc, and a New Book Club!

    Blessed Imbolc to all! In case you missed it, I published an Imbolc post on HuffPost Religion called A Faith Made of Fire. Check it out, and feel free to leave a comment there if you feel so inspired. After a wonderful round of comments on my last post, I’m happy to announce that we’re moving forward with […]

  • Keeping Vigil to the Fire, Again

    Keeping Vigil to the Fire, Again

    In a week I will publish the next Solitary Druid Fellowship liturgy. This morning, I spent some time going over the previous one, seeing where small adjustments might be made and looking for places where supplemental material would be useful. It’s been interesting to take on this position, which is a little like leadership, but […]

  • A Daily Practice Matters

    A Daily Practice Matters

    This morning we slept in until 7:30. That may not seem incredibly early to some (it isn’t all that early for my husband and I), but it’s a vacation compared to the day of surgery and the first day of recovery. We woke to discover that my kid was experiencing some sharp pain, a common […]

  • My Friend Got Stuck in the Winter

    My Friend Got Stuck in the Winter

    We’re searching for new beginnings, my friend and I. Yesterday, we took to driving along open roads, through fields turned yellow from the heat, with music playing loud enough to drown out all else, and we let the sound paint a picture of how much we’d changed. A year ago, my friend and I let […]

  • Where is the Source of Your Inspiration?

    Where is the Source of Your Inspiration?

    This morning I woke, picked up the pen and paper on the hotel nightstand, and wrote down these words: What is it to write from sleeping? To write without ceasing. To hold back the need to edit, the impulse to correct. The penmanship is awful, but that does not matter. The only impulse is to […]

  • The Action of Worship

    The Action of Worship

    My religion is experienced in the doing. This became clear to me as I entered the sacred space of our ADF ritual at Pantheacon, lifted my voice to invoke the spirit of Inspiration, and, for a moment, left my mind behind. When I stepped in front of the altar and began to sing, I was […]

  • I Keep Vigil to the Fire: Imbolc Poetry for a Goddess

    I Keep Vigil to the Fire: Imbolc Poetry for a Goddess

    Today, pious Pagans around the globe are posting poetry online in honor of the Goddess, Brighid (otherwise known as Brigid, Brigit, or simply, “exalted one”). I join them here on Bishop In The Grove. Imbolc, as I wrote about yesterday, may have milky origins, but the day and the season speak to something much deeper […]

  • The Fire Of A Solitary Druid

    We may experience our spiritual journey in solitary, but there is something powerful which unites us all.

  • On Meditation and Devotion: Weeks 1 through 3

    Ideally, this series of posts, “On Meditation and Devotion” will come weekly, and serve to summarize the daily entries I keep in my hand-written journal.