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  • How Does Paganism Reconcile Pagan Bureaucracy?

    How Does Paganism Reconcile Pagan Bureaucracy?

    I’m coming to terms with the truth about why I left the Church. It wasn’t that I had an experience of deity that fell outside of the Church’s teaching. That would come later. My experience of God was always mysterious, never concrete. I was taught that one could, if centered and open, feel a presence […]

  • Questioning Paganism… Again.

    Questioning Paganism… Again.

    I’m not sure why I’m a Pagan. I type those words, and I know I’m taking a risk by making this admission, but it’s what’s going through my head. My Paganism, as well as my Druidry, is feeling more like subject matter for this blog rather than a way of living my life. Being Pagan […]

  • How I Arrived At Pagan

    I’m writing to explain my relationship with the identifier, Pagan, and how it sometimes fits and often does not fit my sense of religious identity.