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  • How Does Divination Work?

    How Does Divination Work?

    I pulled three ogham out of the leather pouch and laid them, one by one, onto the surface of my shrine. This divination would be the omen for all of the Solitary Druid Fellowship, a broad swatch of Pagandom that joined one another in a shared practice for the first time on the Winter Solstice. […]

  • Awaking Me Loudly: Seduced By the Tarot

    Awaking Me Loudly: Seduced By the Tarot

    Transformation is a slow process, and challenging to describe. Best to be on the lookout for that initial spark of change, and then follow it wherever it leads you. The Chariot: The pursuit of the Divine is a series of sublimations; a refinement of the base; lead to gold. – March 29th, 2009 The tarot […]