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  • Where Does Belief Belong?

    Where Does Belief Belong?

    I’m having a difficult time identifying the right place for belief. I was brought up a Christian. Episcopalian, to be specific. Belief, for me, was connected to creeds. If you’ve never recited a creed, it goes like this: I believe X, and X is this. X did this, was this, is going to be this. […]

  • The Kindred Speak Through the Tarot

    I don’t normally share the details of my daily meditation outside of one of my weekly recaps. But today, I’m making an exception.

  • Daily Devotionals: Getting off the page

    Reading a ritual off a page is awkward. The words are missing the fire of inspiration, at least that’s how it felt to me on my first and second day of my morning devotional. Today, I made a change.