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  • Chew on THIS, Pagans.

    Chew on THIS, Pagans.

    We set fire to the kitchen last night. Metaphorically, I mean. The conversation started while I was preparing dinner, and it continued on throughout the meal and into the clean-up. I woke up thinking about it, and I feel compelled to share some of it with you, my readers; my community of dig-deepers. I’m not […]

  • The Urgency to Understand Pantheacon

    The Urgency to Understand Pantheacon

    I brought my little tin-canĀ altar to Pantheacon, and set it up in my hotel room on the glass, circular end table next to the lounge chair. The conference program was rather stern about not burning incense or lighting candles anywhere in the hotel, but I chose to believe that the rules didn’t include small tea […]

  • Isaac Bonewits holds me up… Pants and all.

    Isaac Bonewits holds me up… Pants and all.

    I’m wearing Isaac Bonewits’s belt buckle. Have been for days. The pewter Pan, which once held up the pants of a great Druid, is now playing his flute just above my zipper. This seems both an appropriate and terribly dangerous location for the randy God. I’ve never been a devotee of Pan — at least, […]

  • My Portable Altar

    I’m ok with taking a pause from academia. But, worship? Worship goes with.

  • My Altar: A First View

    My altar is my Cathedral. It is the place where I go each morning to worship, to pray, to meditate. I make my altar new with each ritual I perform, infuse it with more of my essence, my intention, my magic. There is fire on my altar. There is water on my altar. There is […]