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  • About Breakups

    About Breakups

    The thing about breakups is that you’re never really out of each other’s life. It’s an illusion to think that you can just sever ties (if that’s what you were hoping for) and then… Poof! No more connection. It never happens like that. When I made the decision, and then the subsequent announcement that I was […]

  • On Leaving

    On Leaving

    Something broke today: a levee on the inside. My heart, tight and clenched for days, softened. And when it did, I knew… I have to leave ADF. I spoke the words out loud, and they sounded right. They didn’t sound easy, or pretty, or anything remotely uncomplicated. They just sounded right. I’m not leaving because it’s […]

  • Keeping Vigil to the Fire, Again

    Keeping Vigil to the Fire, Again

    In a week I will publish the next Solitary Druid Fellowship liturgy. This morning, I spent some time going over the previous one, seeing where small adjustments might be made and looking for places where supplemental material would be useful. It’s been interesting to take on this position, which is a little like leadership, but […]

  • Liturgy And A Cocktail

    Liturgy And A Cocktail

    Let me try to explain how I’m feeling right now. When I exhale, my breath shakes a little. Not the crying kind of shake, but almost the laughing kind of shake. My fingers are cold, which is partly on account of the freezingness of Colorado (and I’m using that word, regardless of what the auto-spell […]

  • The Solitary Druid Fellowship Lives!!

    The Solitary Druid Fellowship Lives!!

    It is an exciting day in the world of Druidry and Pagandom! (For me, at least.) I’m happy to announce that the Solitary Druid Fellowship has launched! The Solitary Druid Fellowship, an extension of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) is live and running at This has been a labor of love, and would not have been […]

  • Serving Solitary Pagans: An Experiment in Liturgy

    Serving Solitary Pagans: An Experiment in Liturgy

    In September of this year, I submitted an application to start my own ADF protogrove for solitary Pagans. I planned on calling it, Sojourner’s Protogrove. Protogroves are the precursor to fully-chartered groves within the ADF organization, and their main responsibility (as with groves) is to provide public rituals for each of the eight High Days […]