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  • Chew on THIS, Pagans.

    Chew on THIS, Pagans.

    We set fire to the kitchen last night. Metaphorically, I mean. The conversation started while I was preparing dinner, and it continued on throughout the meal and into the clean-up. I woke up thinking about it, and I feel compelled to share some of it with you, my readers; my community of dig-deepers. I’m not […]

  • Questioning Paganism… Again.

    Questioning Paganism… Again.

    I’m not sure why I’m a Pagan. I type those words, and I know I’m taking a risk by making this admission, but it’s what’s going through my head. My Paganism, as well as my Druidry, is feeling more like subject matter for this blog rather than a way of living my life. Being Pagan […]

  • My Pagan Yule Sounded A Lot Like Christmas

    My Pagan Yule Sounded A Lot Like Christmas

    Pagans sang Christmas carols at the Yule ritual, and it totally caught me off guard. The song sheets handed out to the attendees contained three classic, Christian favorites, re-written with Pagan, mostly Wiccan-themed lyrics. We Three Kings, Away in a Manger, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen were retitled and reworked as Moon of Silver, Away From […]

  • A Conscientious Objection to the War on Christmas

    A Conscientious Objection to the War on Christmas

    While this Pagan was in the middle of the most Christian part of our country, singing “Silent Night” to rooms full of cheery Jesus-folk, a small group of vocal and well represented Christians took up arms in a supposed “war on Christmas,” and now my Pagan brothers and sisters across the internet are all in […]

  • Please Don’t Cut My Heart Out on Thanksgiving

    Please Don’t Cut My Heart Out on Thanksgiving

    Blogging is very much a form of community engagement for me. I look at the last few posts, and there is so much to learn from one another about spirituality, religion, semantics, and how to engage in effective dialogue on the internet. It’s a relief to read thoughtful, mindful comments, and witness the kaleidoscope of […]

  • The Day The Heathens Built A Chapel

    The Day The Heathens Built A Chapel

    The burly, bearded, leather wearing Heathens didn’t quite know what to make of Sister Who, but that didn’t stop them from helping build her Interfaith Chapel. Sister Who squinted as she gave the instructions for how to put which pole into which joint, and when she did her fake eyelashes fluttered like plastic butterflies. Every […]

  • More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    More On Christian-Pagan Relations

    Pagans hate generalizations made about Pagans (he writes with a smirk). That’s one generalization I feel confident in making. In my last post I made some bold statements about the unwillingness of Pagans to accept the existence of the Christian god, knowing full well that those statements were not completely accurate (or, perhaps even close […]

  • Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

    Christian-Pagan Couples Counseling

    Pagans don’t want to accept the possibility that the Christian god is real. Doing so might open us up to a diatribe about salvation, our inherent sinfulness, or our “need for conversion”. We’ve had that talk a time or two, and – thank you – we’ll pass. Christians are of the “One and Only God” camp. Not […]

  • The Christo-Pagan Conflict

    Christianity and Paganism: are the two mutually exclusive? The subject came up after the Full Moon ritual, and it got a little heated.

  • The Fire Of A Solitary Druid

    We may experience our spiritual journey in solitary, but there is something powerful which unites us all.

  • Know Me By My Pagan Name

    What happens when the person I am online – the Druid student, the Pagan – meets real, flesh and blood, non-Pagan identifying people? Which me am I?

  • What We Are: One Pagan-American Response

    Star Foster asked: “What makes Pagans valuable to America? What do we bring to the table? How do we exemplify American values?”

  • The Day The Witches Took Over Church – UPDATED

    No one knew why the woman sitting beside the Pagan Chamber Choir was wearing a black, feathered, Carnival mask, and I doubt anybody asked. Her display may have seemed a bit dark for 9:15am on a Sunday, but who was I to judge?

  • Pagans Have Values, Too, Say Bloggers

    Think Christians are the only ones with values? Think again.

  • Pagan Is The New Gay

    Admittedly, I’m a newbie in the Pagan community. But, I’m no newbie Gay. I feel there’s a valuable parallel between our struggles that no one is picking up on.