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  • The Truth of What Was and Is and Is to Come

    The Truth of What Was and Is and Is to Come

    The Truth of What Was I was never completely committed to ADF. I didn’t finish the Dedicant Path because I was unwilling to speak out loud the final Oath. I wasn’t willing to make that kind of commitment to Paganism, or — more specifically — that significant a renouncement of my Christianity. There were plenty […]

  • About Breakups

    About Breakups

    The thing about breakups is that you’re never really out of each other’s life. It’s an illusion to think that you can just sever ties (if that’s what you were hoping for) and then… Poof! No more connection. It never happens like that. When I made the decision, and then the subsequent announcement that I was […]

  • On Leaving

    On Leaving

    Something broke today: a levee on the inside. My heart, tight and clenched for days, softened. And when it did, I knew… I have to leave ADF. I spoke the words out loud, and they sounded right. They didn’t sound easy, or pretty, or anything remotely uncomplicated. They just sounded right. I’m not leaving because it’s […]

  • Druid Rituals For Dummies

    Druid Rituals For Dummies

    I’ve written a great deal about my daily practice on this blog. There have been periods of prolonged drought, periods of genuine doubt, and times when I felt like my daily practice was all that was keeping me invested in my Druidism. In my ADF Dedicant studies (which will be a central focus for me […]

  • It’s Back to (Druid) School Season

    It’s Back to (Druid) School Season

    The harvest season comes, and the kids go back to school. I can’t pass a rack of school supplies without stopping to see if there’s anything I want need. There rarely is, but I still like to look. The eco-folders and notebooks, while more ecologically responsible, are nowhere as cool as my Trapper Keeper. It was rad. […]

  • Solitaries are the Glue which Hold Paganism Together

    Solitaries are the Glue which Hold Paganism Together

    I’ve spent nearly the entire week working on new ways to make ADF Druidism an accessible tradition to solitary Pagans. The work is still in its early stages, and I’m piecing together ideas which I hope to share once the leaves have fallen. My backyard maple is only hinting at new color, so it will […]

  • I Went Camping in the Woods and I Came Back a Druid

    I Went Camping in the Woods and I Came Back a Druid

    Organized sports never suited me. But wrestling with my faith? Someone should give out trophies. I would have a garage full. When I left for the Eight Winds Festival, the first ADF gathering I’d ever attended, I was concerned that I may not be able to invest myself fully on account of a little religious […]