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My name is Teo Bishop**, and I’m the author of Bishop in the Grove. You can also find my writing at The Wild Hunt, Witches and Pagans Magazine and HuffPost Religion.

This blog was started in December of 2010 and became a place for rich dialogue. Read all of the posts before October 23rd, 2013 and you’ll see just how amazingly diverse in perspective the Pagan community can be. The last BITG post was published in December of 2013, and the site not exists as a web-archive of one stage in my spiritual journey.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter – @TeoBishop. We can talk theology in 140 characters.

** Teo Bishop is a name I chose when I created this blog. It was a name I eventually took as a legal name, too. I wrote about my decision to use this name here.

On Ash Wednesday of 2014, after finding my way back to the Church, to a Christian practice, and after making a commitment to be confirmed in the Episcopal church, I made the choice to let go of the name Teo Bishop. It was a name that no longer served me. I am reclaiming the name given to be at birth, Matthew, and adding to it a new middle name for my confirmation, David. So, Matthew David Morris it shall be.

I’m letting go of teobishop.com, and I’ll no longer be tweeting from @TeoBishop on Twitter. If you’d like to follow my writing and my music, please follow me at @MattMorris.

Peace be with you.


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